Adventure DC Tricycle Tours gives once-in-a-lifetime private tours of Washington DC, transporting your family on tricycle for a completely customized tour, which is both entertaining and educating. You and your family will see all the Washington DC Monuments & Memorials, the White House as well as the Capitol at your own pace, with no bus-filled crowding or walking — and no waiting. 

Pick up: We can pick up anywhere on the National Mall, metro stops, most nearby hotels and restaurants. Depending on where we pick up, there is a bit of a trade-off between how close the pick up point is to the National Mall and how much time being transported before reaching the main attractions.

Start time: Although the tour can occur any time on your trip, we recommend scheduling your tour toward the start of your visit, if possible. Our tour gives a great overview which can prove quite useful as you explore the other areas in Washington. We can discuss hidden / less-well-known museums, recommendations on the best places to eat, amazing places to see which are not downtown. As to the start time of the tour, this is a matter of personal preference. We can start when you like, but routinely we start 10 am (or after breakfast), 2 pm (or after lunch) and 7 pm (or after dinner). We are a completely customized service, and we can accommodate your scheduling needs.

Tour Length: We recommend allocating between two (2) to four (4) hours. In most cases you will want to make stops to see the memorials, and the pedal time and narration of the complete loop around the National Mall, including the Tidal Basin, takes a tricycle about 1.25 to 1.5 hours.

Monuments and Memorials Tour: Our most popular tour is the Monuments and Memorials tour. We have done that tour 100+ different ways, depending on our guest's wishes. This is a tour of the entire National Mall on tricycle and includes the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, MLK Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean, Vietnam and WWII War Memorials, and the White House, as well as other memorials.  

Twilight / Night Tours: We conduct night tours, which usually include all the amazing lit-up sights (our favorites at night are The White House, World War II, Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt and the Capitol). This is the same tour as the Monuments & Memorials tour, but at night. 

Narration: We give a narrated tour with detailed explanations of everything we pass. Sometimes our tours are limited to the area West of the Washington Monument (Memorials and the White House). Other times it also includes the Capitol and an overview of the museums that are East of the Washington Monument, and perhaps a ride along Pennsylvania Avenue, the Presidential Inauguration route. 

Mobility-Impaired Friendly: We're the best tour option for most people who have mobility issues, whether permanently or temporarily impaired. Our cabs can get people close, and we're experienced with many of the concerns people with mobility issues face. We know the challenge associated with individual monuments and memorials, and how to address those issues for our guests.

Capacity: Our cabs can fit up to three adults. Two small children usually fit in the space where one adult would sit. We can do tours of up to 90 individuals at the same time, with proper notice.

Inclement Weather: In addition to the ability to adjust tour times to fit the weather, we have an optional canopy, and even a more extensive 'bubble' that can protect guests from rain or elements. When the bubble is up, it gets quite toasty inside the cab, even when it's raining or snowing outside.

Cancellation: Currently we have no penalty for cancelling or postponing a tour. We like to be as flexible as we can for guests. So please be reassured that if you book a tour, you can cancel without consequence if need be.

Pets: We love dogs! Not only are we dog friendly — with dogs welcomed into our cabs — we actually (with your approval) stay with / pet / walk / water dogs while you check out non-dog friendly memorials (The Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial is dog friendly though)! Service dogs and dogs (total weight) under 70 lbs ride at no additional cost.




Picture of People in Helicopter over Baltimore, Tricycle in front of White House and Motorboat on the Potomac
2 hours - Up To Three Adults Per Cab
  • Selected Major Memorials
  • Minor Memorials or Cherry Blossoms if in Bloom
  • White House or Capitol
  • Substitutions or Optional Selections, Time Permitting
2.5 hours - Up To Three Adults Per Cab
  • Major Memorials
  • Minor Memorials or Cherry Blossoms if in Bloom
  • White House and Capitol
  • Substitutions or Optional Selections, Time Permitting
3.25 hours - Up To Three Adults Per Cab
  • All Major Memorials
  • Minor Memorials and some Cherry Blossoms if in Bloom
  • White House and Capitol
  • Substitutions or Optional Selections, Time Permitting
4.25 hours - Up To Three Adults Per Cab
  • All Memorials
  • Minor Memorials and all species of Cherry Blossoms
  • White House and Capitol
  • Optional Selections or Substitutions, as Requested

"This was the best way to view DC."
"What a delight!"
"... the highlight of our trip."
"Isaac was extremely informative, very personable and professional. "
"Steph gave us a wonderful history lesson all while driving down the middle of Pennsylvania Ave."
"Seeing the monuments and the buildings at night was a wonderful experience!"
"Shared a lot of fun facts about the city and she's just so much fun."
"Barry's the Best: energetic, funny, and informative in an entertaining way."
"Our kids loved the fun adventures and we pedaled away with lasting memories."
"Barry answered questions we had asked ourselves during our walk and questions we had not even thought to ask! "
"Barry is a not to be missed tour guide If you can book Barry, DO IT, he's the best!"
Tour Agenda

The Best way to see the monuments and memorials is on Tricycle

If you're wanting the absolute best tour or monuments and memorials, a private guided and narrated tricycle tour is the best way. You get to see all the blossoms efficiently. You'll explore the blossoms and sights with less walking or waiting, while keeping the kids entertained. We allow your pets to accompany you on your tour. Perfect for the mobility impaired.
 Monuments & Memorials Tour
  • Well known Monuments & Memorials: Reflecting Pool Jefferson Memorial George Mason Memorial Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Washington Monument White House Viewing Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Tidal Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Korean War Memorial Constitution Avenue World War II Memorial General William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial.
  • Presidential Parade Route & Capitol Viewing: Capitol Overview, Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, James Garfield Memorial, Old Post Office (currently Trump International Hotel), Pennsylvania Avenue / Presidential Parade Route, FBI Building, Department of Justice, National Archives, Navy Memorial, Freedom Plaza, Peace Monument, General William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial.
  •  Other Memorial & Structure Viewings: John Paul Jones Memorial ("I have not yet begun to fight"), John Ericsson Memorial (inventor of the modern screw propeller), Arlington House (The Robert E. Lee Memorial, from afar), Lockkeeper's House (oldest structure on the National Mall), Albert Einstein Memorial, Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence (Constitution Gardens), Simon Bolivar Statue, Jose Artigas Statue, Pan American Union Building (Organization of American States), Second Division (2nd Infantry Division) Memorial, The Three Soldiers, Vietnam Women's Memorial, District of Columbia War Memorial, the Air Force Memorial (from across the Potomac), the Pentagon (from across the Potomac), Navy - Merchant Marine Memorial (from across the Potomac), Ronald Reagan Building, Evening Star Building, General Mead Statue, Sir William Blackstone Statue, Newseum, Canadian Embassy, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Federal Triangle.
 Other possible options to substitute or add to your tour:
  • Kids Adventure Tour: Kids love the Kids Adventure Tour. This includes the echo chamber on the outside of the the Canadian embassy, the 'secret' underground passage between the two National Gallery of Art wings (surrounded by lights, the moving walkway feels like being in outer space), and the U.S. Botanical Garden, which has a number of interesting plants including carnivorous plants and the sensitive plant (when you touch it, the plant closes up).
  • Museum Overview: Overview including "hidden" museums. Includes summary of the Castle, National Gallery of Art (NGA), Natural History Museum, Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, Hirshhorn Museum, American History Museum, American Indian Museum, Air & Space Museum, Carousel, African American History and Culture Museum, Ripley Center, Hirshhorn Museum, Arts and Industries Museum, African Art Museum, Haupt Garden, Sackler Gallery, Freer Gallery.
  • Cherry Blossoms: There are about 3,800 cherry blossoms on the National Mall. If on this tour, you'll get to see a number of varieties, including Yoshino, Akebono, Fugenzo, Afterglow, Shirofugen, Kwanzan, Takesimensis, Sargent, Autumn Flowering, Weeping Japanese and the rarest of them all, Okame Cherry. You'll be provided with either a digital or print one-page reference guide in order to help you identity memorials.

Top Guide: Selecting this will ensure you have one of the four top guides in all of Washington DC. Out of the hundreds of guides in Washington, there are four we have selected as being the best-of-the-best. Prior schedules of guides dictate, and if we can't get one of the best for you, we will refund this portion or you may cancel your entire tour, with all your fees being refunded.

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Cherry Blossom Tour Package
  • Visitors are coming to Washington DC wanting to see the cherry blossoms in bloom.
  • Our Cherry Blossom Tour Package will help make your cherry blossom experience the once-in-a-lifetime experience it should be.
  • This can be used by you and your family any time you come to Washington DC, even in the unfortunate circumstance where you miss the cherry blossoms. 
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