FreQuently asked questions
How many people can fit? 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

One tricycle can fit up to three adults. Commonly we accommodate families of two adults and two small children with one child sitting in an adult's lap. For larger families, you may need to add an additional tricycle.

What sights are included? 👁‍🗨

Our tour of the entire National Mall on tricycle includes the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the MLK Memorial then down to the Lincoln Memorial which also features the Korean and Vietnam Veterans Memorials. From there we go down Constitution Avenue to the WWII Memorial, passing many Federal Buildings and Constitution Gardens.

After seeing the White House, we proceed down the Presidential Parade Route passing the FBI, the Department of Justice and the National Archives on Pennsylvania Avenue down to the Capitol, with the Statue of Peace and the US Botanic Gardens. Proceeding down Madison Avenue, we have an overview of all the major Museums on the National Mall.

How long does a tour last? 🕐

A tour of the monuments & memorials generally takes 2.5 - 4 hours. We go at your requested pace, and we can stop at all the monuments. Pedal time alone is about one and a half hours, and most people want to get closer to the monuments on tour and maybe snap a photo or two. So four hours is enough time for a comprehensive view of all the monuments and memorials and federal buildings to include the white house and capitol.

Where can you pick up/drop-off? 🏨

We can pick up and drop off anywhere on the National Mall: metro stops, most downtown hotels and restaurants. For locations that are farther out, we’ll provide a central meeting location where we can start your tour.

Can I bring my pet? 🐕

We love dogs! Not only are we dog friendly — with dogs welcomed into our tricycles — we actually (with your approval) stay with / pet / walk / water your furry friends while you check out some of the non-dog friendly memorials! Service dogs or dogs under 70 lbs ride at no additional cost.

Is this good for kids? 👶

This tour is excellent to keep kids entertained and engaged because we are providing the best of the best tour guides that keep your family excited and delighted. We have additional stops that kids are particularly fond of and we offer the the original Kids Adventure Tour.

Is this good for people with disabilities or mobility issues? ♿

We're the best tour option for most people who have mobility issues, whether permanently or temporarily impaired. Our tricycles can get people close, and we're experienced with many of the concerns people with mobility issues face. We know the challenge associated with individual monuments and memorials, and how to address those issues for our guests. Many collapsible wheelchairs can fit on our tricycles, too.

What if it rains, snows, it’s too cold or there’s inclement weather?☔

In addition to the ability to adjust tour times to fit the weather, we have an optional canopy, and even a more extensive 'bubble' that can protect guests from rain or elements. When the bubble is up, it can get quite toasty inside the tricycle, even when it's raining or snowing outside. In the winter months we also provide blankets to keep you extra warm. If you need to cancel your tour due to the inclement weather we still offer a 100% money back guarantee.
What if we cancel? ❌

We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you need to cancel your tour for any reason. We like to be as flexible as we can for guests. So please be reassured that if you book a tour, you can cancel without consequence if need be.

What about restroom breaks? 🚽

Tours stop frequently for restroom breaks. Most monuments and memorials on tour feature a usable restroom during regular hours.

What are the best times to start the tour? ⌚

This is a customized tour, and we can start at almost any time you wish. Recommended start times are 10 am, 2 pm, and around the twilight hour, and can vary as your needs dictate. 

What happens next, how do we schedule the tour? 📆

Once you reserve, we will contact you to schedule your tour. If you don’t know when you want your tour or when your trip is going to be, that’s okay; We’ll schedule your tour once your plans firm up.

What happens if we go beyond the time length we book for? ⏳

If you go over, it’s okay. You’ll simply be charged for the extra time at the end of your tour.


"This was the best way to view DC."
"What a delight!"
"... the highlight of our trip."
"Isaac was extremely informative, very personable and professional. "
"Steph gave us a wonderful history lesson all while driving down the middle of Pennsylvania Ave."
"Seeing the monuments and the buildings at night was a wonderful experience!"
"Shared a lot of fun facts about the city and she's just so much fun."
"Barry's the Best: energetic, funny, and informative in an entertaining way."
"Our kids loved the fun adventures and we pedaled away with lasting memories."
"Barry answered questions we had asked ourselves during our walk and questions we had not even thought to ask! "
"Barry is a not to be missed tour guide If you can book Barry, DO IT, he's the best!"

Top Guide: Selecting this will ensure you have one of the four top guides in all of Washington DC. Out of the hundreds of guides in Washington, there are four we have selected as being the best-of-the-best. Prior schedules of guides dictate, and if we can't get one of the best for you, we will refund this portion or you may cancel your entire tour, with all your fees being refunded.

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